Light it Up Blue

For awhile now I have been debating on letting people “I know” know about Aislin. Not because I am ashamed but because social media can be a dangerous place. I don’t want the “I’m sorry” or “We didn’t know, that must be so hard, hun,” comments. I really don’t want them to say anything.

What I do want is this, however.

I want them to know that my daughter is an amazing person. But more importantly, I want autism and other disorders to be recognized. I want people to understand that the person you grew up with in high school, the person you went to college with, the person you sat across from at the office; is a mom to a very special little girl.

I want them to educate themselves and be less judgmental. I want them to teach their children that not everyone fits in this small little box, that people are different; and that is more than ok. I want them to know that they know someone with a disability and didn’t even know it so there is nothing to be scared of.

I want them to know that not every child having a tantrum is a brat. Instead of staring and saying things under their breaths about the mom trying to calm her child down, maybe they should walk up to that mom and say, “You are doing an amazing job.” There are things that you may not even realize are going on and it is not fair to say, “Well then, come back to the store at a different time.” Maybe it’s the mom’s only time to go to the store. Maybe she’s had a hard week and all she wants to do is get out of the house knowing the potential consequences. Maybe for once, she wants to have some normalcy from all the doctor appointments, EI appointments, State Appointments… maybe just a break from crying when she gets more bad news.

You see, I want people to know that they should never judge a book from it’s cover. They may see all my smiling pictures of A on Facebook but they don’t realize everything we go through on a day to day basis. And not that I want them too because lets be real, I really don’t want to know their every step either.

I just want them to realize that more and more people are getting diagnosed with something everyday. That we should all be more accepting and not so ready to pass judgements.

This is the reason I will be talking about my daughter on April 2nd.

Awareness and Acceptance, my two favorite words these days. Let that blue light shine!


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