For so long, I worried about my kiddo and what was going on with her.

Truth of the matter is, I still do and prob always will.

Over the last month, she has made such progress and she truly is my inspiration.

Yesterday we got the call about the final results of genetic testing. The geneticist said they didn’t find anything that they are worried about.

So now we have the MRI that shows Agenisis of the Corpus Callosum and Sixth Nerve Palsy but no masses and/or matter. And there seems to be no genetic causes. The genes that were found are thought to be benign.

So basically we are at the same conclusion… We have no idea what caused her CC from not developing and what may be causing ASD and GDD.

But you know, I guess I am fine with that.

I am going to sit back and watch her and enjoy her. Take it all in like I was never able to do before fully bc I always wondered the what ifs.

She truly is an inspiration, she never gives up. In fact, she tries harder when she can’t do something. EI has also commented on how much of an inspiration she is to them.

I guess what I am trying to say is, never give up. Never say that it can’t be done.


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