I Didn’t Choose.

Alright, so I hope no one hates me for writing this blog. I just really feel as though it needs to be said. I am part of a few FANTASTIC special support groups online for ASD, ACC, Special Needs, etc… These groups are a bunch of fantastic women that listen to when you bitch, congratulate … More I Didn’t Choose.

The Three D’s

Sometimes in life you have to admit that you need help. For me it was last week. I have been in a funk since April. I thought I could just magically make it disappear, yet it just got worse instead of getting better. It was not until my husband called me out that I knew … More The Three D’s

Happy Dance

Ok. So I am going to try not to be too political here just because this blog is mostly intended to be about my daughter and her life with Autism and Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. But sometimes with Special Needs, you have to be political. You have to be your child’s biggest advocate. When … More Happy Dance

The “V” Word

Ahhh… The V word. The thing that no one likes to take about. The word that may make some blush and make others just really uncomfortable. But you know what? I am going there. Yes, ladies and gentlemen… the V word. Hold onto your hats. Wait for it… Wait for it…Wait for it… Vasectomy! Phew! … More The “V” Word


For so long, I worried about my kiddo and what was going on with her. Truth of the matter is, I still do and prob always will. Over the last month, she has made such progress and she truly is my inspiration. Yesterday we got the call about the final results of genetic testing. The … More Enjoy

Where do I begin?

I haven’t been on here for awhile. I guess I am just trying to come to terms with the information that was given to us after my daughter’s MRI. Everything seems to be making sense now that we mostly know what is going on with our beautiful little girl. So there are two things that … More Where do I begin?

Light it Up Blue

For awhile now I have been debating on letting people “I know” know about Aislin. Not because I am ashamed but because social media can be a dangerous place. I don’t want the “I’m sorry” or “We didn’t know, that must be so hard, hun,” comments. I really don’t want them to say anything. What … More Light it Up Blue